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Molly currently has six published works:
Kind of Heart
The Passing of Paradise
As Bright and as Pure as the Driven Snow
Seize the Flashbacks!
We are Invisible
Hold my Hand, my Precious Child

All six works are available at Amazon.com.
Or directly from the author at mollyloubelle@cox.net.
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Read highlights of each book below:

Kind of Heart is a book compiled from the columns she wrote for the Mustang News for three years. Molly's stories have been published in Chicken Soup for The Mother's Soul, Christian Woman, Christian Chronicle, Christian Journal, Ideals Magazine. She was also published in Chicken Soup for the Kids' Soul 2, and Heavenly Patchwork. Her stories have also appeared online in Heartcatchers, Write2theHeart, and Heartwarmers, as well as newspapers in Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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The Passing of Paradise is an inspirational romance. The story revolves around Kendra Tinker, the heroine who meets and falls in love with a handsome young man at a church social. Both from Christian backgrounds, Kendra feels her marriage to Keith Kouch will be the mirrored image of her parents' marriage, and will be an extension of their kind of love. But from the first date, the warnings are strong; however, Kendra ignores them, choosing instead to believe she misunderstood or over-reacted.

Who is behind the mysterious phone calls, and what secret does the little blind girl hold? And how do they all affect Kendra and her decision? What mysteries lie behind Keith's black eyes? Will her undying love for him override her intellect?

As Bright and as Pure as the Driven Snow is a twelve week course on God's plan for sexual purity before marriage and is formatted for teen-aged girls. This curriculum is complete with worksheets and summaries and is perfect for a church young girls' class.

Seize the Flashbacks! is a "how to" book on writing life's memories from the heart. It is the companion book to Kind of Heart, MOLLY'S book of life's memories. Molly uses this manual as the text for classes she leads on writing memories.

We are Invisible is a book dedicated to her beloved mother for whom she cared for the last ten years of her life. The book is an effort to help those who tend to their aging loved ones, better understand how to cope, and learn patience in dealing with one of life's deepest sorrows.

Hold my Hand, my Precious Child is a short, easy read gift book for mothers everywhere and deals with the way life starts with mother holding her child's hand for direction, and ending with the child holding mother's hand for goodbye.

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Mattie Beal

Molly wrote the script and performed characters from Oklahoma's History. Miss Mattie Beal was one of the historical characters from Oklahoma's history that she portrayed.

History from the Heart

Molly and a group performing History from the Heart, a program about Oklahoma women taken from history; not in history books, but women from their heart memories who influenced the family's history.

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Casting Long Shadows

Molly and her group performing a program about the men in their lives who cast long shadows of influence for good in their lives.

Molly preparing for a performance on stage at Country Jamboree.

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Molly with kitten stories for children.

Stories at the Oklahoma City Zoo

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Molly doing a review of one of her books.

Molly performing an original skit.

All of the storytelling programs that Molly performs,
either alone or with her Territory Teller friends,
are available for bookings at any event.

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